For Parents

At Duffield School, we keep in mind the ‘complete’ student. We look not only at high academic standards, but also the value of facing a challenge and making progress. We also consider the development of character to be an important part of the success in educating a child. We seek to teach students to be involved in their areas of interest and to treat others with respect.

Quotes From School Advocates

With all our heart we thank you for the sincerity and dedication with which you serve the Duffield kids. Each of our children, now 3 graduates from Duffield, and 5 on their way, have benefitted from your personal attention. You find something special, a unique talent or quality about each child; then you groom and polish and prune until the children see for themselves God given gifts, resulting in deep and lasting confidence and a direction for life.

- Priscilla S.

I was looking forward to seeing the new report format and was not disappointed. I love this! I never fully understood how each kid could be pigeon-holed into 1 of 4 pre-established categories. How my daughter rates amongst her peers is nowhere near as important to me as how she is doing all around. A grade only tells me how she rates academically not how she behaves in class, how she interacts with her peers, if she struggles to achieve good marks or is bored, etc. I appreciate the comments for more than a grade being issued. I love the details and full descriptions. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Michelle S.