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Duffield School staff work collaboratively to develop students with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others and the courage to act on their beliefs. Our classrooms are characterized by respectful and engaged students, and staff who are there for each other. Strong relationships inspire students to strive do their best, to want to learn and to participate in our strong athletic program and inviting extracurricular activities.




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To wish to do well, not for ourselves alone.

Teaching our students the skills that are necessary to lead successful, meaningful lives requires the support of parents and community. With this strong partnership, high expectations are set for every student as they are given the knowledge and the skills to realize their potential. The students at Duffield School have embraced global citizenship and are learning to contribute to the world in a positive way.

Unique Features of Our School

  • Strong sense of family and community
  • An emphasis on Early and Middle years philosophy
  • Middle years cross-graded complementary course program
  • Student-led celebrations
  • All staff are an integral part of program delivery
  • Duffield School has a strong partnership between parents and staff
  • Parents are strong advocates for the school community
  • A focus on technology integration across the curriculum

How We Define Success For Our Students

At Duffield School, we keep the "complete" student in mind. We look not only at high academic standards, but also the value of facing a challenge and making progress. We also consider the development of character to be an important part of the success in educating a child. We seek to teach students to be involved in their areas of interest and to treat others with respect.

What Makes Us Proud

  • The country atmosphere and the positive families in the Duffield community have created the gem in the jurisdiction known as Duffield School.
  • A strong parent-school partnership facilitates the communication process and welcomes and encourages parents to broach questions regarding school issues or policies.
  • Students are celebrated during collaborations of learning - assemblies, concerts, courses.
  • The academic, athletic and fine arts opportunities and the complimentary program in the middle years are all offered in a safe, caring atmosphere.
  • The strong results that students consistently achieve on the Provincial Exams and with the high degree of genuine love and concern that students experience in our building.
  • A warm and positive atmosphere that is evident as soon as people walk through the doors.
  • Duffield staff have expressed that they are proud to work at Duffield School and they share that feeling with colleagues in Parkland School Division.

What Makes Our School "Good" and How We Know

  • Staff members see themselves as learners and demonstrate a strong willingness to collaborate in all areas.
  • Staff show a genuine concern for the children.
  • Our satisfaction survey indicates that we do well in the area of citizenship.
  • Students are well-mannered.
  • Staff participate in the lives of students.
  • Students are engaged in their learning and in extracurricular activities.
  • Staff, students and parents feel valued as members of the community.
  • Students go on to high school and continue to experience success in their academics and participation in the school community.

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